Carren’s Couch 07 – Depression Pt1: An Epidemic or Not

If you’ve followed any of my journey you know that depression and I have been very close “acquaintances” as a result of repeated traumas.
Getting to the bottom of what it REALLY is, how it robs us of our identity and what our best ways of managing, overcoming, recovering and healing has been a priority of mine for the last ten years!

Allow me to introduce you to professor Gordon Parker! Founder of the Black Dog Institute and Scientia Professor of Psychiatry at the University of New South Wales.
Together professor Parker and I explore the epidemic of depression and ask the question…. “Is depression over diagnosed?” This is a big and burning point of view to hold and when you watch this episode, you may even come up with new answers yourself!


Carren’s Couch 08 – Depression Pt2: Anti-depressants as a treatment

Sometimes there is a story that comes across your path that is not just inspirational, it is heart warming, genuine and eye opening.

Allow me to introduce you to Jane… All the way from the Netherlands!!

I won’t go in to too much detail here because I really want Jane to tell you her story herself and I can’t wait to hear your comments about the strength, tenacity and courage she has developed over the years through her internal struggle!!

This episode really made me take stock of my own journey and how we are all so incredibly different when it comes to depression, turmoil and the way we find inner peace. Jane is a shinning example of possibility through an alternative path using medication and I’m sure you will be moved by the person she has become as a result!!!


Carren’s Couch 10 – The In’s and Out’s of Relationships

With relationships feeling the pinch of time, money, space and togetherness, we decided it would be a great idea to shed some ‘expert’ light on the topic. Our society is demanding more and more from us in the context of our careers, our future and the expectations that we place upon ourselves to ‘get it right’ that the number one casualty is becoming our ability to relate to one another, in the home and in the bedroom!! In this week’s episode we begin the conversation on the basics of relationships and as part of a mini series, you can look forward to us getting up close and personal on intimacy, divorce, kids, parenting and more!!


Carren’s Couch 12 – We’re SPEAKING UP about Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is hit and miss…. literally!!

When it comes to awareness, action and prevention, domestic violence is more commonly spoken about behind closed doors or not at all and here on Carren’s Couch, we are ZERO TOLERANCE!

In this weeks episode we talk to Kay Schubach about her experiences, how she identified that she was in one of ‘those’ relationships and what she did about it! We highlight the incredible support offered by the White Ribbon Foundation and encourage everyone, male and female to SPEAK UP for their safety and that of their loved ones!