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Carren’s Couch 01 – A Journey of a Life-Time

It’s been three years!!! You read that correctly! Three years in the making and finally Carren’s Couch has come to life.
I’ll be honest, I was nervous, I procrastinated, I flirted with commercial free to air and paid TV and went all the way down the rabbit hole with every possibility and ultimately, I chose online!
I don’t want some producer telling me I can’t talk about religion! I don’t want to have my content ruled by advertisers! I’m not interested in being held accountable to any shareholder, other than me!

Welcome, to Carren’s Couch!!


Carren’s Couch 03 – The Diet To Save The World

With so much confusion around all the diets out there…. Paleo, Hunter Gatherer, Blood Type, Atkins…. and the list goes on….I decided to bring you someone who I have been watching and admiring for years… Dr Will Tuttle!! He was in Australia recently and so graciously joined me for a special studio interview which I was so excited about. I have to admit, I was a little ‘star struck’ until he crossed his legs on the chair and relaxed like the normal, down to earth person that he really is.


Carren’s Couch 04 – The Paleoista herself Nell Stephenson

So, by now you know I’m a Vegan and a real advocate for harmony on this planet and the way I see it… our food is one way to get there! Now….. I get that we are all different and I also get that there are other views, beliefs and of course, diet choices out there and I wanted to explore them for myself as well as for YOU!! So, given that just about everyone I meet is talking about Paleo I thought I’d bring you America’s most educated woman on the subject….. The Paleoista herself ….. Nell Stephenson!!


Carren’s Couch 06 – The Big Decision: Stay At Home Or Pursue Your Career

Sometimes there is a story that comes across your path that is not just inspirational, it is heart warming, genuine and eye opening.

Allow me to introduce you to Jane… All the way from the Netherlands!!

I won’t go in to too much detail here because I really want Jane to tell you her story herself and I can’t wait to hear your comments about the strength, tenacity and courage she has developed over the years through her internal struggle!!

This episode really made me take stock of my own journey and how we are all so incredibly different when it comes to depression, turmoil and the way we find inner peace. Jane is a shinning example of possibility through an alternative path using medication and I’m sure you will be moved by the person she has become as a result!!!